Our Process

The Future X Collective is a group of leading experts, specialising in each of the fields that contribute to a business’s overall workplace success; Workplace Strategy, Leadership & Culture, Performance & Wellness, Change Readiness, Technology & Agility and Environment

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Brief Introduction

It is clear that the way we work will never be the same again.

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The global pandemic has disrupted all previous thinking when it comes to the meaning and definition of ‘work’. As we navigate new methodologies, behaviours, spaces and technology businesses across the globe are faced with unprecedented market challenges.

The Future X Collective will help you navigate these challenges and create certainty.

Through a proven 5 Stage Process, the Future X Collective examines each aspect of the modern workplace experience, utilising a diverse toolkit. We then outline a blueprint of recommended strategies that will elevate your business and its people. We partner with your own internal experts to deliver the specific suite of services needed to drive your Optimum Workplace Experience.

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Stage 1: Diagnostic

A high level overview of the business, its people and its current challenges and opportunities as a precursor to undertaking further, more detailed and in depth work.

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Stage 2: Deep Dive

The Diagnostic tells us where to focus our e†fforts for a Deep Dive, where we undertake an in depth analysis of various touchpoints including environment, culture, wellness, technology, business goals and more.

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Stage 3: Game Plan

The Game Plan will outline a strategy to supercharge your business, recommending internal and external experts to support and assist during implementation.

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Stage 4: Implementation

Implementation of the Game Plan by specialist consultants within the Future X Collective, who work hand in hand supporting your own executives and subject matter experts.

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Stage 5: Evolution

We ensure that all hard work and e†ffort in the previous 4 stages remain ‘sticky’ and that as market forces and other changes continue, the business continues to evolve and grow to meet these changes.